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Emma Japan
Tomoe Hibi
Gifu-ken, Yoro-gun, Yoro-cho, Oshikoshi 448-1
10minutes away from Ogaki highway exit by car.
10minutes away from Yoro-rail Mino Takada station on foot.


Emma Janan has the same spirit as TABLE FOR TWO. We contribute part of our profit to them through TFT.

If you buy one of our Emma products, one portion of school lunch will be delivered to a child in developing countries.
The system is, when one product is sold in a developed country, one portion of school lunch will be delivered to a child in developing countries.



means a person from a developed country shares a table with a person from a developing country.

800 million people are suffering from starvation but on the other hand, 2 billion people are facing problems related to eating habits, such as obesity.

TABLE FOR TWO (TFT) is trying to share food equally in the world, with the mission of improving people's health for both developing and developed countries.



Emma Japan代表/華道家 日比 知江 Tomoe Hibi

Hello everyone, nice to meet you.
My name is Hibito Moe, and I am the developer of this product.
Thank you very much for visiting this page.

Three years ago, I encountered a glass stirrer with vibrations from deep-sea sand that had been sleeping unsold in the corner of the warehouse. When I tried to introduce that stirrer to the world, the storm of the coronavirus hit.
I pondered whether it could be reborn into something different, and through research, experiments, and measurements, along with obtaining evidence and patents, and with the help of those around me, I am grateful to have come this far on my own.

As a bottle recognized by people gradually as an antioxidant, I am pleased every time I hear the joyful feedback from those who have made a purchase. I am happy to know that Emma is proving to be helpful.

I contemplate whether the vibrations of the deep-sea sand, which emit a pleasant rhythm that sustains deep-sea fish for centuries, contribute to the strengthening of life. Scientifically considering these vibrations and transcribing them into a lightly responsive biomass carbon, the power expanded. When resonated with robust metal (SUS304 stainless steel), it successfully activated water.

I believe that by changing the water necessary for the bodies of humans, plants, and animals, a 30% change in cells is bound to occur. This is my perspective on the matter.

Emma is a product that imparts vibrations to transform water into activated water.
Activated water is water treated through physical and chemical methods using the power of nature, endowing it with properties and functions such as sterilization, cleaning capabilities, and growth stimulation.
It promotes plant growth, and when used for cut flowers, it helps them stay vibrant and fresh.
This is because the activation process reduces the clusters of water molecules, making minerals and water itself more easily pass through plant membranes.

Regarding the safety of activated water, as time passes, it reverts to the original water, making it pollution-free and safe without side effects. Activated water aligns with the warm and eco-friendly trend of technology, and we believe it is a field that will continue to develop in the future.


In the modern era, with advancements in healthcare, we are said to be living in the age of 100-year life.
However, the reality is that as one ages, health concerns become more prevalent. It is not common for individuals to reach the age of 100 with vitality and health. Many people fear spending their later years in hospitals, bedridden due to aging or illness.

Emma was created with the desire to support those who harbor such concerns.
We hope to assist everyone in maintaining their physical well-being and sustaining motivation for a healthy life.
By harnessing the power of nature, Emma achieves a refreshing drinking experience, transforming the everyday tea or water consumption.
It is our belief that such a simple act can bring about positive changes in everyone's daily lives, creating a future where each day is different.

We hope that Emma becomes a source of motivation for your journey towards a healthy and fulfilling life.

What we want to deliver is not just a bottle.
What we want to deliver is the vibrant motivation for a lively 100-year life.

There are various methods
to create activated water.
However, what sets Emma apart is
its ability to produce activated
water with the same wavelength as that of humans.
This is the significant meaning of Emma.

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