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What is Activated Water?
Currently, there is no clear definition of activated water or functional water. Here, we refer to water that inherently possesses higher energy than regular water or water that has had its energy enhanced through some means as activated water.
Additionally, water with specific functionalities is termed functional We want to be loved, so we named itEmma, because we want to be loved.water.

  1. 1. Importance of Water and Its Environmental Impact

    In recent years, global environmental issues have become increasingly serious, with many of them related to water. Addressing environmental challenges is difficult, encompassing not only water quality concerns but also the looming issue of water scarcity. Rapid population growth and the impact of abnormal weather patterns, in particular, have brought quantitative water problems to the forefront.
    The excessive use of chemical substances and the wastefulness of water resources in industrial processes contribute to environmental issues.

  2. 2. Characteristics of Water and the Concept of Activated Water

    Water is a molecule with unique properties, with water molecules binding through hydrogen bonds in the liquid state. The characteristics of these water molecules are related to the formation of activated water. Activated water typically has higher nergy than ordinary water, and it refers to water whose activity has been enhanced by some means. Functional water is defined as activated water with specific purposes or effects.

  3. 3. Characteristics of Activated Water

    The characteristics of activated water include changes in cluster size and structure, generation of radicals, changes in oxidation-reduction potential, changes in the dissociation constant of water, and alterations in physical properties such as dielectric constant, viscosity, electrical conductivity, surface tension, permeability, and pH. These changes shape the characteristics of activated water, leading to its application in various fields.

  4. 4. Applications of Activated Water

    Activated water is utilized in various fields, with particular attention in the following areas:
    Agriculture: Expected to promote germination and growth of crops, improve quality, and increase harvest yields while reducing pesticide use.
    Aquaculture: Enhances yield in aquaculture, improves the health and growth of fish, and aids in preserving freshness.
    Dairy and Livestock Farming: Maintains the health of dairy cows, chickens, pigs, enhances the quality of dairy products and meat, and increases yields.
    Food Industry: Used in the production of processed foods and brewing to enhance taste and quality, contributing to freshness.
    Medical Field: Applied in medical uses such as blood transfusions, wound healing, sterilization, and disinfection.
    Health Industry: Expected to contribute to health promotion and immune system enhancement.
    Cosmetics Industry: Used in the manufacturing of cosmetics and skincare products, contributing to product quality.
    Water Treatment: Promotes purification of household and industrial wastewater by reducing the need for antibacterial agents due to its antibacterial effects.

  5. 5. Contribution to Sustainable Technology

    The use of activated water is positioned as part of sustainable technology, offering an environmentally friendly approach to addressing issues like global warming.
    Its application is anticipated to expand in the future, providing a new approach to environmental and health-related challenges.
    Activated water has the potential to offer a novel approach to environmental and health concerns, and its applications are expected to continue to broaden.

With patented technology, water molecules are finely processed to become activated water. That is the exceptional power of Emma Biomass Carbon.

The product is called Emma. Emma is "Life".

Emma has the natural power to change the water.
The combination of biomass carbon plus the deep sea sand and the water makes natural super power.
Emma biomass carbon is made of natural minerals. The natural power coming from the ocean which was brought from the tectonic movement that happened thousands of years ago occurs in the far-infrared and resonates with water.

That biomass carbon is used for Emma tong and the base installed at the bottom of the bottle.
You can not find bottles like this anywhere else in the world. By pouring beverages into the bottle, the Emma power and the beverage resonate with each other and it makes a wonderful change to the water.

Emma ボトルのイメージ
Emma ボトルで生成した活性水のイメージ


Astonishing returning power. We made oxidation plus number to -500mV(Oxidation Redox Potential).


The reduction rate of commercially available mineral water,which oxidises the body, is +200 to +100.
Emma”turns mineral water into non-oxidising water.
Depending on the mineralwater, the reduction rate can vary (depending on the impurities and minerals contained in the water) from +50 to -400.
The water becomes mellower in the mouth and more pleasant to drink.
A reduction rate of +40 is the borderline between healthy and unhealthy, with more negative values indicating betterantioxidant properties.
Certificate of measurement at the Japan Defence Against Ageing Centre.

The Emma bottle vacuum double structured bottle has the function of warming/cooling your beverage so you can use it throughout the year.
The biggest feature about this bottle is once you put the beverage into this bottle, even if you put it into the other cup, the Oxidation Redox number will not go back.(Proved in an experiment: the number didn't change at all for two days).
This is the most attractive thing about the bottle.

How Emma works


All you have to do is fill the Emma bottle with your favourite drink and keep drinking.

Fill the bottle with water (your favourite drink).

Far-infrared vibrations are given to the water and
the H2O breaks down into molecules

Water molecules become finer

After one hour, the oxidation removal value (reduction rate) decreases.

After 19 hours, the oxidation removal value (reduction rate) reaches its highest value.
Once reached, the value is maintained.

Antioxidant can be proven, and its value is
equivalent to 1 liter of vegetable juice.

Just drink water, tea or coffee as usual

Less oxidative (less tired, faster recovery, less ageing)
Become healthier

What is reduction rate?

An indicator of the ability to reduce (restore) something that has oxidised (meaning rusting, rottingor ageing).
The value of the oxidation-reduction potential ORP value.

Far-infrared vibration measurement results

  • マドラーの遠赤外線振動測定結果
    <Left Muddler from stainless steel contents Right 2 g carbon-filled muddler>
  • トングの遠赤外線振動測定結果
    <Tong-type muddler with 10 g carbon>
  • 測定写真と証明書
    By a special camera measuring
    7.5 µm to 1.4 µm
    Photographs and certificates of measurement


By far-infrared vibrations
Transforms the water in the Emma.
Natural power is created.

There are two types of infrared rays, far-infrared and near-infrared.It gets warm with sunshine. The part of the sun that can warm something but you can not see is called infrared.

There are two types of infrared rays, far-infrared and near-infrared.Far-infrared is the type of the electromagnetic waves that you can not see. There are some types of lectromagnetic waves such as radiation, ultraviolet rays, and tdangerous rays which are used for microwaves and phones.The far-infrared wave has a wave between 3-1000μm(micron).The number between 7.5μm〜14μm is helpful for human's health.

Emma's far-infrared rays is proven to have a wave between 7.5μm〜14μm.Emma releases the far-infrared rays which are good for health.