Emma's presence brings about a wonderful lifestyle.

AWater molecules becoming finer result
in a smoother taste,
improved penetration and absorption
into the body, and enhanced hydration.

Not only does life undergo changes, but experiments,
such as the growth and maintenance of plants, also prove the effects.

化粧水として使用する 生花の水として使用する ヘアケアの水として使用する

By stirring your preferred alcohol with a stirrer or placing it on an Emma coaster to transmit vibrations, you'll experience a mellow flavor and changes in your morning wake-up routine.

  • During vegetable washing...
  • For skincare, shampoos, conditioners, and hair growth treatments...
  • For maintaining cut flowers...
  • For the growth of potted plants
    and hydroponics...
  • For vegetable washing...
アルコールの飲むときに使用する 野菜の水洗いに使用する 観葉植物の発育に使用する 水耕栽培の発育に使用する

Experiment on the ORP and pH reactions of stirrers and coasters.

【Results of pH and reduction rate measurements for stirrers and coasters】

TExperiments on ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) and pH with stirrers and oasters showed reactions, where the pH and ORP reacted, but the reduction rate response was eak.
Like wine glasses, reactions occur regardless of the distance or material when drinking directly.
(Tea was used as a measuring sample in experiments.)

Aplix Corporation: Dial electrode system
(measured with EL9003B, transducer: ORA-100, ph metertransducer: PHA-100).

Far-infrared measurements:

On the left, an empty stainless steel rod.
On the right, a stainless steel rod with Emma Carbon.

Only far-infrared vibrations in the wavelength range of 7.5 to 14 microns are captured.

Results from a special camera show far-infrared vibrations confirmed from the stirrer on the right.

It is evident that far-infrared vibrations beneficial to health are emitted.


Cut flower experiment 1:

Comparing flowers treated with ordinary water to those with a coaster or stirrer under the same conditions, the flowers with ordinary water wilted after 8 days.

Both the coaster and stirrer showed no change in the water's transparency or the flowers.


VResults from Emma's active water
experiments demonstrate such outcomes.


Experiment 2: Hydroponic cultivation of strawberry seedlings


Differences are evident in the photo taken after one month.
The roots with the stirrer are longer and more robust, and the number of attached fruits is greater.

Left: Hydroponic cultivation (with prescribed Hyponex).
Right: Hydroponic cultivation (same conditions as left + stirrer).


Stirrers and coasters can be utilized in various scenes for mixing and placing.
With creative thinking, these products are virtually limitless in their applications.

  • スキンケア用品に使用する
  • お酒を飲むときに使用する
  • お酒を飲むときに使用する
  • 調味料を置いて使用する
  • Emmaマドラーのラッピングイメージ
  • Emmaコースターのラッピングイメージ