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Emma ーRevolutionizing Water with Antioxidant BottlesーEnglish

Emma ーRevolutionizing Water with Antioxidant BottlesーEnglish

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Product Description

The Magic Bottle Emma: Evolution of Water

Emma, the magical bottle that transforms water, focuses on the mysterious energy of the ocean floor sand. Utilizing biomass carbon, it turns ordinary water into activated water. It changes oxidizing beverages into antioxidant ones, altering the rhythm of your life with just the water you consume.

Emma Bottle, crafted with patented technology, proposes a youthful and vibrant lifestyle. Amidst the call for SDG2, it provides an eco-friendly and people-friendly solution. All you need to do is continue enjoying your favorite beverages, now with improved taste and comfort.

Activated water isn't just for drinking; you can use water poured into Emma to wash your face, cook rice, nurture living creatures, and cultivate plants. The bottle features a tong-style stirrer containing ocean floor sand and biomass carbon, with a coaster embedded at the bottom. This combination uses the subtle power of micro-vibrations to refine water molecules. Emma harnesses the natural vibrations in the range of 7.5μm to 14μm, known to be beneficial for humans.

Cold beverages stay cold, warm ones remain warm, and you can carry it anywhere – convenient and stylish! Whether in the office, at home, or at the gym, Emma is your easy-to-carry companion, offering a refreshing drinking experience. Its antioxidant function has been verified through biomarker tests, and it holds a patent.

  • Your everyday portable water bottle for meals, breaks, and hydration...
  • When you need to quickly replenish your body with fluids during exercise
  • When you want to provide your precious children with suitable water

We believe in the potential of this biotechnology not only for beauty and health but also to contribute to a richer, environmentally friendly, and people-friendly lifestyle.

Content volume

Product size (approx.) External dimensions 72 x height 235 mm Product quality                    Product name/ Stainless steel portable vacuum flask (using Emma)                         Actual volume / just under 0.48 litres            Main effect / 50°C or more (12 hours) 65°C or more (6 hours) Cooling effect / 12°C or less (6 hours)         Material Type/ Inner bottle: Stainless steel Body: Stainless steel (acrylic women's coating) Mouthpiece: Stainless steel  Lid stopper: inner: polypropylene, outer and handle: stainless steel Packing: silicone                  rubber Tongue-shaped muddler: SUS stainless steel (contents: sand and carbon)                    Bottom externally mounted parts/ aluminium steel        *(Silver) is not acrylic resin coated. 

Ingredient List

The heat-retention effect means that the product is kept at a room temperature of 20°C ± 2°C.                                                  The temperature of the hot water is defined as the temperature of the water when the product is immersed in boiling water up to the tip of the drinking spout and left in a vertical position for 12 hours or 6 hours from the time when the ion temperature is 95 ± 1°C.                                                                                                    The cooling effect is the temperature of the water when the product is immersed in cold water up to the tip of the drinking spout at a room temperature of 20°C ± 2°C and left in the vertical position for 6 hours from a water temperature of 4°C ± 1°C.

Instructions for Use

Before use, thoroughly wash the inner bottle, the cap (shoulder) and the lid stopper.                                                                       Wash the inner bottle, lid cap and mouthpiece (shoulder) thoroughly before use.                                                              1.Remove the lid stopper from the main body.                                2.Fill the bottle with the beverage.                                                         Pour a small amount of hot (cold) water into the bottle in advance.                                                                                                     Pour in a small amount of hot (cold) water beforehand.                     Preheat (pre-cool) before filling.

Preheating (pre-cooling) and then replacing the drink will be more effective in keeping the drink warm (cold).

 More effective for keeping warm (or cold).

CAUTION: Always fill the container with less than the bottom edge of the lid.

If too much is added, it may overflow when the lid is closed.

3.Close the lid tightly regardless of whether the beverage is warm or cold.

Always lay the unit on its side and check that it does not leak before use.

CAUTION: Take care to avoid burns when drinking directly from hot beverages.

CAUTION: Occupying the lid immediately after filling with hot drink raises the internal heat.

When removing the lid cap, please note the following: *Hot beverages may blow up.

Hot beverages may be blown up. Do not let it fall down.

Immediately after filling with hot drinking water, wait a few seconds before putting the lid

stopper back on.

If pressure-relieving or if the lid closure becomes difficult to open, be very careful not to

burn yourself.

Always open the lid slowly by holding it upright with a cloth (towel, etc.) against it.

Never attach or detach the lid stopper while the unit is tilted. Doing so may cause burns.

Doing so may cause burns, etc.

CAUTION: Incorrectly fitting the packing may cause leakage. Install correctly as shown in

the diagram.

 Install the packing correctly as shown in the diagram.

*Please pay attention to the direction in which the packing is installed.

 Be careful about the direction of the packing.

For the internal device, hook the R part onto your finger and pull it out slowly.

 Pull it out slowly by hooking the R part with your finger.

 Pull it out slowly. Wash the tong-type muddler lightly under running water.

 Wash it lightly under running water.

 If you are concerned about dirt, use a soft sponge to gently remove it.

 If you are worried about dirt, use a soft sponge to gently remove the dirt.

 Wipe dry with a soft cloth.

 Store in bottle when not in use.

 Store in the bottle even when not in use.

Care instructions

To prevent odour transfer and to keep the bottle clean, please clean it thoroughly,

especially after use with beverages other than hot (water) water.

Care should be taken to prevent odour transfer, especially after use for drinks other than

hot water (water).

1.Wash the inner bottle, the cap (shoulder) and the lid stopper cleanly and wipe dry as soon

as possible.

2.Clean the body (outside) with a cloth dampened with hot water and dishwashing


Wipe thoroughly with a dry cloth and leave to dry.

Caution : Do not use chlorine bleach such as bleaching powder, thinner, benzene, metal

scrubbers, polishing powder, cleanser, etc.

Do not use bleach, thinner, benzene, metal scrubbers, scouring powder, cleanser, etc.

The lid stopper and packing are consumable items; check after one year. If it is worn out,

check the part number and product name.

If the lid stopper and gasket are worn out, check the part number and product name and

contact your dealer or our company.

Usage notes

During use, the inner bottle may develop red rust-like spots or discolouration due to water


This is due to the participation of iron in the water. This is due to the iron content in the

water participating and causing the spots or water stains caused by the action of impurities

in the water quality.

This is due to water stains caused by the action of impurities in the water.

To ensure cleanliness, we recommend the following care instructions.

Fill the inner bottle with hot water to which approximately 10% vinegar has been added,

without the bottle being plugged, and leave it to stand for approximately 30 minutes.

After washing, rinse well with clean water so that no vinegar remains.

*Black resin coating is suitable for use in accordance with the Food Sanitation Act.

The black paint on the body gradually deteriorates with use, so if the paint peels off, please

remove it.

If the paint peels, remove it before use.

Please read this instruction manual carefully and use the product correctly. Also, keep this

instruction manual in a safe place so that it can be re-read at any time.

Please keep this manual in a safe place so that it can be re-read at any time.

*Use in commercial premisesDo not use in the rental industry, etc. Do not use in the rental


The product is used by an unspecified number of people, so we cannot accept any

responsibility for it.

The appearance and use of the product is subject to change without notice due to product


The product is subject to change in appearance and use without notice due to product


The company assumes no responsibility for any malfunctions, injuries, deterioration,

damage or accidents that may occur as a result of the rental, auction, etc.

Please note that we are not responsible for any malfunctions, injuries, deterioration,

damages or accidents that may occur as a result of rental, etc.

◎Serving or overflowing drinking water can cause burns and staining of other

objects. Do not place within reach of infants. Do not place the product within reach

of children. Do not place near a fire, such as a stove or stove top. Doing so may

cause deformation of the lid or eclipse. Do not use the lid plug in a place where it

could be damaged by fire, etc.

● Always pour in less drink than the tip of the lid


  • Install the lid stopper securely. Make sure that the lid stopper is securely fitted

and check the packing. If the lid stopper is not tightened properly or if the packing is

not properly attached, leakage or burns may occur.

● When carrying the unit, do not

lay it on its side for safety reasons. Do not leave the product in water.  Water may

enter the unit and cause rust, or stain other items.  After washing the main unit, be

sure to wipe it dry. Failure to do so may result in water spots, rust and stains on

other items. Do not boil or dry the lid stopper and packing at high temperatures.

 Doing so may cause deformation and leakage.

● Do not use the container for

anything other than holding or keeping beverages cold. Dry ice, carbonated drinks.

(The internal pressure may increase and prevent the lid stopper from opening, or the

contents may be spurted out. Milk, milk drinks, fruit juices, etc. (May cause spoilage

or alteration.) Salty foods such as miso soup, soup, etc. (May rust.) *Emma breaks

down molecules. If the contents are left as they are.

(May cause rusting.) *Emma may become gelatinised if the contents are left in the

same state. When placing Emma in a car drink holder, check the strength of the

holder beforehand. If the holder is not strong enough or not secured properly, it may

break or come off and fall. Do not use (do not open the lid) while the vehicle is in

motion as this may result in burns or stains on other objects. Do not use the

product while the vehicle is in motion (do not open the lid) as this may cause burns

or stain other objects.

Cautions and requests

Do not drop, bump or otherwise impact the unit. The unit may be dented, the effect

reduced or leakage may occur. (In particular, if the parts attached to the lower part

come off, the function will be lost. Doing so may cause scratches, deformation or

burns if the kettle falls over. Do not tap or force large ice cubes into the kettle, but

make sure to reduce the size of the ice cubes before putting them in. Do not use a

dishwasher or dishwasher-dryer. Do not use dishwasher detergent. Do not use

dishwasher detergent as it may cause injury, deformation or rust. Do not use

chlorine bleach, thinner, benzene, metal scrubbers, polishing powder, cleanser, etc.

Do not use chlorine bleach, thinner, benzene, metal scrubbers, polishing powder,

cleansers, etc. as they may cause deformation, scratches, rusting or holes. Do not

store hot tea for a long time as the ingredients in the tea may change the colour of

the tea.

Storage method When not in use, please place the tongs inside the bottle to allow the vibrations to be shared.
producing country Japan
Days required for delivery (approximate)

We will deliver within approximately two week.
*Since the products are directly shipped from the manufacturer or seller, there may be delays in delivery due to stock availability, transportation, or weather conditions even after placing an order.
Regarding inquiries, please note that we may need some time to respond, as we will contact the seller and get back to you once we have confirmed the information. Thank you for your understanding.

Returns and exchanges due to defects, damage or pain in the delivered goods We do not accept returns. In the case of discrepancies during shipping, such as mishandling or if the product received does not match the photo or the actual item, we will offer an exchange after confirmation.
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