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Emma Japan

Emma coaster

Emma coaster

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Product Description:

Emma Coaster enhances the taste of your beverage by finely processing water molecules when you place a drink on it, resulting in a smoother flavor and a noticeable difference the next day. Tailor its use to various everyday lifestyles and unleash your creativity. The mechanisms of the Emma series are consistent across all products. However, the Muddler and Coaster are specifically developed for enjoyable use and turn into activated water, though they do not claim antioxidant effects.

Using it together with the Muddler allows you to experience an even more delightful flavor. Through the power of nature, it finely processes water particles, affecting not only beverages and alcohol but also water and water-soluble substances. The feel of skincare products like lotions, shampoos, treatments, and hair growth solutions changes. There are various uses, such as extending the freshness of dishes and cut flowers, promoting the growth of hydroponic seedlings, and enhancing the water in a goldfish bowl. We believe the potential of this biotechnology extends beyond personal lives to contribute to environmentally friendly and prosperous living.

  • Product Size (Approx): Diameter 110mm × Height 5mm
  • Weight: 109g
Material: Aluminum
  • (Adhesive with Sand and Biomass Carbon)


Place a glass containing alcohol on the coaster. Compatible with glass, stainless steel, and wine glasses.


◎When using a wet glass, there is a risk of the coaster sticking. Be cautious as the coaster may lift when picking up the glass, and it may make a sound when detaching.


Wipe with a soft cloth before use.

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